Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simple Green Plantain Salve

~Plantain Salve~

Ok so I have always dreamed of making my own soaps, salves, tinctures and medical oils. Im working on getting everything together that I need to do this. Here is a little salve recipe I thought I would share. When I start making medicine I will have lots of herbs packed into my salves but for now here is something easy and cheap to make. FUN!

12 oz jar of Vaseline

2 handfuls of plantain leaves

1 lrg or two smaller aloe leaves sliced and crushed

Heat Vaseline on low, only enough to liquefy. Carefully drop the plantain leaves into the liquid--- It will quickly produce a mass of thick foam. Add the aloe.

Let simmer until foaming has stopped. Pour through strainer. Pour back into Vaseline jar. Let cool. mark container and store on shelf. it is easy to make and works on bug bites, stings, cuts, sored, pimples, burns and more.


Leat said...

Thanks for sharing such an easy recipe! I think even I could handle that! I love the idea of making homemade salves and such but have been too scared of failure to try.


" Naturally Yours, by Neika" said...

Im glad to hear someone likes it. Most ppl just look at me funny when I talk about stuff like this. lol I will be posting more stuff soon about how to make things with herbs.