Sunday, December 7, 2008

This weeks menu =D

Hello all!! This week isn't to exciting on the menu but we are still trying to keep it cheap. I will be posting a new recipe in a minute that's perfect for Christmas so check it out.

Monday- Taco's with either lentils or morning star meat. I haven't decided yet. We will also have corn on the cob. The kids have school and i have to work out that evening.

Tuesday- eggs, hash browns and some yummy fried apples and orange juice or chocolate milk to drink. I have to work out again and later that night i plan to meet up with my friend for some hot chocolate and a nice chat.

Wednesday- Crockpot vegetable soup and home made bread. I will be gone ALL day long with Mckenzie and Erica on a Christmas shopping trip. YAYYYY!!! Dinner will be easy cuz its gonna be cooking all day so i wont have to do it later.

Thursday- Tuna on a garden salad with pickled okra......Its work out day again. I hope i can make myself actually go 3 days this week cuz that will definitely be a first. LOL

Friday- Take out and a movie night. I think i will have some one on one time with Jacobi today. Maybe take her to the dollar tree and let her buy everyone Christmas gifts. Then come home, make cookies and then let her wrap presents all by herself. :) Then we will try to watch a family movie all together.

Saturday and Sunday i have no plans so far and no plans for dinner either. We kinda just do whatever we do on the weekend.

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