Wednesday, January 20, 2010

crockpot venison (deer) roast


Deer meat is also known as venison.
Deer meat is one of the healthiest types of red meat. It is extremely high in protein while maintaining a low fat content. It is also low in calories and cholesterol. In addition, deer meat contains a large amount of necessary iron, phosphorus and B vitamins

beef or deer roast

2 med onions chopped large

3 garlic cloves

Lipton onion soup package

carrots chopped

potatoes cut into chunks or make mashed potatoes as side


pepper and salt

If using deer soak overnight in salt water to draw out the wild taste

Put roast in crockpot

slice onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes (optional) and celery and add to pot

put Lipton soup powder, onions and salt in the pot

Cook on high all day till roast is cooked all the way through and falling apart its so tender.


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