Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Harmful Chemicals in our products

As most of you know, I'm into natural skin care because i know the big secret about all the harsh chemicals that go into store bought products. Take a look around your bathroom.

"The average North American woman uses 10 or more personal care products every
day. From toothpaste and soap to antiperspirant and moisturizer, personal care
products are made from 10,500 chemical ingredients. like most things that happen
before a mug of morning coffee, it’s easy not to think about them too
But researchers and women’s health activists are sounding the alarm
bell about the makeup of makeup. Women and girls are particularly susceptible to
exposure to certain chemicals that mimic hormone activity. Because our bodies
have a greater percentage of fat in comparison to men, chemicals that are
fat-soluble are more easily absorbed. Breast tissue is one such site where
chemicals can accumulate.
“As more and more women are diagnosed with cancer,
we have to question, where is this all coming from?” posits Carol Secter, a
board member of Breast Cancer Action Montreal. With an emphasis on breast cancer
prevention, Secter’s group is part of a North America-wide movement to have
harmful chemicals banned from personal care and household products."

The European Union, driven by consumers' concerns, has banned or heavily restricted hundreds of toxic substances in recent years yet we in the USA still use those products. Its so dangerous to our health. Lotion, shampoo, makeup and lots of other things seep into your skin and go into your blood stream. They are killing us but many people still don't know this and continue to use them. I cant say that in don't ever use some of these products but I'm trying to cut back as much as possible. I want to share some ways of doing that with you too. I will give you some ideas on how to save money and save your health by making your own products. I have already posted my home made laundry detergent, and all purpose cleaner. Its so much cheaper to make these then to buy them and they work just as well as store bought stuff but without the chemicals.

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