Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu time again

We had a really nice weekend. It was time for us to buy a new mattress because ours was sinking in the middle and killing my back. Every morning i would wake up hurting and it was hard to sleep because it woke me up so many times. Me and Brian left the kids with K and went to pick out a nice one. We had to compromise because he doesn't like it to soft and after sleeping on a rock for 10 years i wanted a soft one. We found one we both love and when we took ours off the bed we could NOT believe how hard that thing was. We had put an egg shell pad thing on it to help it not be so hard but it didn't help much. Anyway, it was so hard we just laughed at it. Then we saw how bad it was sinking in the middle and i realized what that had been doing to our back. I cant believe how much this new mattress has made such a difference in my sleep. I have woken up the past two mornings with no back problems and feeling great. :)

Yesterday me and Brian took M out to have breakfast. K didn't want to go so she stayed home and kept C. They had some sister time and K made a tea party and watched a movie with C. Me and Brian took the baby and got groceries and then ran around after we dropped them off at home. R was a doll. She was so good and sweet. Everyone kept smiling at her and she kept telling me she loved me over and over. Then she would say...Your my baby Neika. LOL!! Im your baby and you my baby...i love you Neika. I said stop calling me that...I'm mommy to you. ROTFL! She is to sweet. I had some Christmas money from my grandmother and i bought myself a pretty blouse and skirt. I haven't had a skirt since having R so it was about time. I love it! I am so blessed to have a husband i can call my best friend and have more fun with then anyone in the world. I love him so much. It was just the BEST weekend and last night we laid in bed on our new soft mattress and watched a movie snuggled together. God is so good to us.

Monday- Cabbage FAT burning soup :) I will also make some home made bread with kefir and coconut oil to go with the soup.

I will have to take the kids to school and pick them up from now on so that's a lot of being in the car...i figure this soup will be best for today because i can just have it cooking in the crockpot all day.

Tuesday- butter bean burgers on wheat buns.

I will be cleaning all day and doing school with the kids

Wednesday- salmon on the grill with baked potatoes and peas and carrots.

Today me and Erica have a lunch date. YAYYY!

Thursday- pumpkin french toast and cheese eggs

I have mops so i get to go out for a few hours with no children. That's always nice. :)

Friday- bean burritos and movie night :)

I'm excited because we are going to watch a movie i have been wanting to see and its always nice to spend time with my family.

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