Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines day week menu :)

So, we had a wonderful weekend again....kinda. Brian was in a mood Saturday so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been but it was still nice to get out. We went to Target and to eat at Calhouns. My stomach had been hurting really bad that day and the day before so i just had a southern style chicken salad. The kids ate great and after we left we had to run by the hospital to see my little nephew who had broken out in hives. He was so itchy. It was sad. :( After that we had to go get groceries.

Today we went to get the kids their valentines presents (they weren't with us) and we found out my cousin was close to us so we snuck up on her and surprised her. We hung out with her and her hubby for a while and then we had to go get our stuff for the kids. Then we came home and grilled out on the grill. The kids have their valentines day party tomorrow so i had to get stuff ready for it. :) I will post a picture of Cobi all dressed up in her Valentines day clothes when i get one.

Sunday- Salmon on the grill and a HUGE salad

Monday- Taco's with meatless ground and corn on the cob

Tuesday- Potato Broccoli and cheese soup

Wednesday- Veggie Omelette's with cheese and fried potatoes and onions

Thursday- Black Bean Burgers on wheat buns and baked potato fried

Friday- Pizza

Saturday-HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! heart shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes and creamed corn......for dessert its chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries and the kids will make yummy heart shaped cookies and drink pink milk. :)

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