Saturday, November 8, 2008

Menu for November 10th-14th

Me and Brian just had the such a nice date night tonight. We went to eat at the Macaroni Grill and then to the mall. He got a shirt and some jeans. Then we went to T.J Maxx and i got a shirt. We were on our way home when i was talking about how my bra didn't fit right and Brian surprised me by taking me back to the mall and getting me a bra from Victoria Secret cuz even though i hate how trashy they are about putting half naked women on TV, I still think they have the best bra's ever. They last so long and hold the girls up so good. LOL!! I have the best husband ever!! He is so good to me.

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!! In honor of my husbands birthday we will be having his favorite dinner.

Monday-Porcupine balls, Mashed potatoes and fried cabbage....for dessert we will have a yummy dessert of some sort. Not sure which kind yet.

Tuesday-We will be having egg salad sandwiches on home made wheat toasted bread. I'm planning to go to a woman's gym with a friend for the first time and try out a class.

Wednesday- Scrambled eggs with tofu and home made whole wheat toast with pumpkin butter.

Thursday- Sloppy Joe's with deer meat

Friday- Bean burritos from taco bell and a movie for family fun night.

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