Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly menu Nov 17-23

This weekend we went to the lake and went to church up there. Riah got a bad cold but she is almost well now thanks to garlic tea. :) I will post a picture of K's new hair tomorrow on here.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Kenzies birthday is Tuesday but she is celebrating it with friends at a sleepover on Friday. Here is our weekly menu and what we are up to.

Monday- Chicken noodle soup in the crockpot to help Riah feel better. Me and Kenzie are going to work out tonight at the gym.

Tuesday-Happy Birthday Mckenzie!! We will be going to eat out for dinner because its K's birthday so we want to make it a special night. K is also getting her hair done during the day.

Wednesday- church night and we have to watch nursery so we will have home made bread and eggs with tofu and morning star sausage cuz its easy and yummy!!

Thursday- Mops day for me and also gotta work out that night. Kenzie also has her tutor that evening. We will probably just have leftovers that have been frozen cuz the freezer is getting to full. LOL!!

Friday- Kenzie's sleepover!! We will be going to see TWILIGHT the movie and then coming home to have pizza and cake. I'm sure the kids will snack all night on cookies and chips.

Saturday- Everyone is going skating for the afternoon and then who knows what dinner will be. Probably leftover pizza.

Sunday-???? Not sure whats going on.

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