Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jacobi's birthday

We have had a pretty hard week because Cobi got sick before her birthday. It started with her saying one of her ears hurt so i made up some garlic/EVOO and put it in her ear. After an hour she said it didn't hurt anymore but i noticed she still didn't seem to be able to hear well. That's when i should have given her garlic/ginger tea but i only did that once and because she didn't have a cold and her ear didn't seem to hurt i got busy and didn't give her anymore. I noticed she started getting a cough pretty bad at night after that but the cough meds we always use were making her stay up all night on a high. UGGG!! She also got a fever. I prayed that she would be well by her birthday which was just a few days away. The day before her birthday she was doing fever, still coughing at night but not in the day and her ear still didn't hurt but she couldn't seem to hear us unless we yelled or stood right beside her. I was worried about that.

The day of her birthday came and she was feeling great. We went with my mom, stepdad and best friend cousin to eat at Macaroni grill. Then we went to Chuck E cheese to play, eat cake and open presents. Cobi still felt great but she went into the tunnels and got overheated. That's when she started coughing so hard she threw up. I thought we would have to leave right then but she cooled off, ate cake and opened her presents. She was happy as she could be. By the time we left she was pretty tired and we found that her fever was back. I felt so bad cuz i figured it was because she wasn't ready to have such a big day yet. We got her fever down at home but that night she coughed so badly i was in tears. Me and Brian were up all night with her trying to prop her up, give her anything we could think of to help such as honey, peppermint, children's NyQuil and Vick's. I even did a breathing treatment on her just in case she had asthma. Nothing helped much but she was sleeping through a lot of it. I have no idea how she slept through that terrible coughing but the poor thing was exhausted. We got up super early and took her to the doctor the min the opened.

Believe it or not, Cobi was so excited to go to the doctor. LOL! She was so happy but was so annoyed about the waiting room. She said "This is more complicated then i thought!" Then she knew her doctors name was Carrie and i guess she thought that was odd because he is a man and only heard of women named that so she forgot his name and later asked me and Brian if his name was Sally. We were like WHO??? She said, my his name Sally? ROTFL!! Then when he finally came in she was like...FINALLY your here. LOL! She told him he was her friend and kept showing him her new toy puppy she got for her birthday. She also cracked us up asking if the nurse was a nurse, why didn't she have on her hat. She has only seen nurses on tv and they always wear a hat. She looked at the nurse like she was a fake or something. LOL!

The doctor said she had a double ear infection and it was normal for her not to have felt pain. He said everyone is different and some hurt and some don't. He said the ears draining were causing her to cough. He also said she was getting a head cold. He gave me antibiotics for her which make me sad. It goes against what i believe to give her those. I know the garlic/ginger tea would have kicked it out if i had only known from the start. I decided to give them to her though because the infection was so bad i didn't want to mess around with that. This will be the first time she ever had antibiotics in her life. We went and got her some acidophilus to take with the antibiotics that way it will put the healthy bacteria back into her gut. Antibiotics kill all the bad AND the good stuff. It also kills the immune system a little more each time you take them. :( She also got some good cough meds to help her sleep at night. PRAISE the LORD!!!

We got a much better nights sleep (my mom stayed the night to help) and she is doing much much better. Last night she slept through the whole night and whats funny is that she is still asleep at 11 am. She must have been worn out.

Jacobi got a new bed day before yesterday so last night was her first night in it. Its a twin but she has been in a very small bed until now so this bed seems big. Her mattress is so soft and she has drawers under her bed for storage. Brian also went and got her princess sheets and shams to make it pretty for her. We will get her a new princess comforter when they get them back in. I will try to post pics of her in her new bed soon.

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