Saturday, January 3, 2009

menu for January 4-9


I'm back! Its been a busy few weeks but i think things are settling down finally. I'm just completely wore out though. Its taken me a while to get back into my daily routine and it still just doesn't feel right. Today does NOT feel like Saturday to me at all. We had a nice Christmas and the kids got a lot of really nice things. I did too. My husband spoiled me so good this year. He is so wonderful and I'm so lucky to have him. He got me the wii fit so now i can get into working out and try to get the last 10lbs of baby fat off that doesn't want to budge. LOL!!

My Inlaws came in from Florida so we got to visit with them and my sister in law a lot. We were busy busy busy and i ate really bad but I'm ready to get back into our weekly routine and back to scheduling a menu so here it is!!

Sunday- Sloppy Joe's with deer meat. Me and Kenzie have a date to go see a movie and spend some time together.

Monday- White Cheese Pizza. Its back to school for the girls so i thought that would be a nice choice for dinner when they got home. Jacobi is already excited about it. :)

Tuesday- Chicken Bowls like KFC. I'm thinking the girls may be gone this week sometime but I'm not sure what day.

Wednesday- Tofu Stir-Fry. Im pretty sure the kids will be gone by tonight so i planned this because i know Cobi doesn't care so much for it. Me and Brian are gonna have so much fun being all alone when the kids leave. LOL!! It will be a much needed break and lots of wonderful cuddle time together. ;)

Thursday- Egg Puffs, French Toast and Orange slices.

Friday- Taco Bell and movie night =D

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