Sunday, January 11, 2009

menu for Jan 12-17

Last week we didn't get to have two of the meals i planned because the girls were gone. Me and Brian just used that time to spend together and we went out to eat one night and another one we just had a smoothie with protein and immune booster. We really enjoyed out two days alone and just had such a wonderful time together shopping, watching movies and just being able to talk and hold hands without being interrupted. By the time the kids were home i felt refreshed and ready to be mommy again. =D

Monday- Sloppy Joe's with deer meat. I'm also going to sneak in some carrot puree so the kids are getting some vegetable with their dinner.

Tuesday- Tofu stir-fry

Wednesday- organic BBQ chicken (because its been so long since i cooked it) Potatoes Lyonnaise (will post recipe if it turns out good) and cabbage.

Thursday- Veggie Lasagna. I'm so excited about this one cuz i love it but haven't made it in a long time.

Friday- Taco bell and movie night


Murphy said...

you make alot of sloppy joe with deer meat! LOL

" Naturally Yours, by Neika" said...

Yea, well we have all this deer meat thats taking space in the fridge so i try to cook some every other week and the only way i know how to cook it is to use it in sloppy joe. LOL! Dont worry, we will run out soon. Deer meat is one of the best kind for you BTW. Its very low in fat too.