Saturday, October 11, 2008



Got a cold? Here is a secret to getting better fast Ok i know it sounds gross but i have this great secret to getting better fast when you are getting a cold. When my family start to feel that little tickle of a cold coming on (sore throat, itchy throat or roof of mouth, watery eyes) we run straight for the GARLIC.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and it keeps stuff from getting infected. We either take a small clove and just swallow it like a pill (crush first or cut so the juice can come out in your stomach) OR we make it into a tea. Yes...i know what your thinking. GROSSS!! No...its not gross actually. Its pretty yummy. Even my picky 5yr old drinks it right down.
So what i do is take about 3 garlic cloves and cut them into chunks. Then i put them in a pan with about 2 cups of water. Sometimes i buy a ginger root to add too cuz ginger detoxes the cold out. This works so well i even end up with a broken out face if i don't drink enough water because it detoxes the cold right out of my skin. They aren't expensive and they are over in the produce section with the garlic anyway. (PLEASE DRINK LOTS OF WATER)
If i add the ginger then i cut off a few small chunks of it and throw it in with the garlic. I boil it from 5-10 min. Then i strain out the garlic and ginger and pour the liquid into a cup.
Then i add lots of tang or lemonade powder to it until you cant taste the garlic. Its so yummy. My fav is to drink it hot with tang and the girls like the lemonade powder and fresh lemon and ice. My husband has discovered that an apple cinnamon tea bag thrown into the pan at the last minute will also hide the garlic taste. He adds a little Stevia or sugar to his to sweeten. Honey would be good also for herbal teas.
Nobody ever taste the garlic and they drink it right up. Its amazing how much better you feel as you drink it. Its almost kinda scary. Also you will notice your snot turns from green to clear within minutes because garlic is a natural antibiotic. ;)

Make sure to drink this 3 times a day until you are 100% better. If you don't like stinking like lasagna then you can always buy Kyolic garlic pill which are odorless. I also like to use airborne, emergen C and take good multi vitamins to get better fast. I normally start my sick morning with a cup of garlic/ginger tea to make myself feel better right away. Then about 3 hrs later i have some airborn, then 3 hrs later more tea with an emergenC powder mixed in, 3hrs later more airborn or zicam or something with elderberry and echinacea in it, 3 hrs later more garlic tea or a garlic clove. If you catch that cold the min you feel it coming on then you are usually not gonna have it long enough for it to hit your lungs unless you just have really weak lungs.

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