Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu for Oct 27-31

Here are some pictures from our weekend. We had such a nice day. :D

Monday- Tacos with morning star meatless ground and pintos with cheese......This is the night we start family game night. Mondays stink so i figure that having game night may help make it a happier night.

Tuesday-Lasagna with big slices of hot home made bread and butter. My nephew and niece are coming over for the evening for a little while.

Wednesday- yummy chili with lentils and home made bread....this is church night.

Thursday- Blueberry whole wheat pancakes, egg puffs and chocolate milk....We have no plans this night so I'm thinking we will curl up and watch TV or read a book.

Friday- Pizza and then we will dress up to go out for Halloween. Mckenzie is gonna be a 70's girl, Jacobi is going to be a renaissance girl and Moriah is a pink dinosaur.

Saturday- Party at my aunts house...not sure what dinner will be. Brian is gonna be Batman and I'm gonna be cat woman.

Sunday- Moriah's birthday party and who knows what we will eat.