Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our weekly menu + other stuff

Well i was gonna post a pic of our weekend but they didn't turn out SO i will post a few of Cobi's new hair instead. She got it stuck in a comb and we couldn't get it out. MY sis came over and cut it for her and its sooooo cute. :)

I'm gonna start posting our menu for the week so you can see what we eat. Plus i will post a cute pic with it from our weekend or just a pic that i like that doesn't go with anything. I will also use this menu to share what are weekly plans are. Soon i'm hoping i can figure out how to make this blog better and have little sections to click for certain things. It will make it easier to find what you are looking for. :D

Monday- We had pizza at Mr Gatti's pizza place. We met Brians sis and nephew there and had dinner and let the kids play games in the game room.

Tuesday - Today we are having morning star chicken nuggets (fake meat that taste surprisingly real) mashed potatoes, cabbage and fried green tomatoes. We have no plans today except to clean the house and home school Jacobi. I'M also baking a loaf of honey bread for the first time in my bread maker and I'm making us some dried fruit in my new food dehydrator. Hope it turns out well. It will help save money and be lots healthier snacks for the kids.

Wednesday- Tuna on a bed of spinach leaves with fresh veggies and ranch dressing. We are gonna have a busy day because we are going to Natches Trace as a family(field trip) for the day to explore and have a picnic and then we have church that night.

Thursday- I will be making butter bean burgers for the first time and
corn on the cob with fresh green beans fried in EVOO and fresh garlic.

Friday- We always have take out on Fridays because its just a fun way of ending the week. We will be having Tacos or bean burritos and we will watch a movie and eat choc covered raisins.

Saturday- I think we may just thaw a lasagna i made at my last mops meeting and have that for dinner. We also plan to go to a pumpkin patch if its nice outside and spend the day doing all the fun things they have to do. We also want to get a pumpkin and carve it with the kids.

Sunday- I have a baby shower to go to so I'm not sure what will go on this day or what we will be eating.

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